Endocrinology is the branch of medicine relating to disorders of metabolism resulting from a change of structure or function to an endocrine gland. These glands secrete hormones such as insulin, thyroid, growth hormones or steroids. Following your individualized care plan will help better control the disease and reduce risks of complications. The doctor has to monitor and evaluate the treatment plan often to determine the treatment is effective. Therapy plans will often need to be changed according to the doctor's evalualtion of the laboratory tests, signs and symptoms and physical exams. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us and arrange an appointment.

We are currently enlisting patients interested in participating in clinical research opportunities. Benefits include additional contact visits with the  doctor and or health care professional, medicines that are provided by the sponsor at no cost to patient, and close monitoring of medical problems and progress. A small stipend is rewarded to compensate for time and duties required for the study.


Diabetes Care

Following your doctor's recommendations for diabetic care will help in glucose management which will lessen the possibility of other complications due to this chronic disease. Diabetes is associated with an increased risk for blindness, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, infections, amputations, sexual dysfunction, and   it is critical to properly monitor your diabetic treatment frequently.


Thyroid Disease

People on thyroid medication will need monitoring to titrate the medicine correctly.  Dr. Mandry will analyze your laboratories and, together with your symptoms and physical exam findings, will be able to determine the best treatment plan.


Lipid Abnormalities

Lipid abnormalities, such as high cholesterol, have been associated with an increased risk for CV disease and strokes.  Dr. Mandry will discuss treatment options and methods to control lipids to normal levels.


Metabolic Diseases

Other metabolic diseases are osteoporosis, Cushings' disease or acromegaly.  Your primary care doctormay ask that you consult Dr. Mandry if you have a metabolic disorder that may require hormone adjustment or replacement.

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  • Metabolic Diseases
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