We provide individualized care plans based on data gathered from the evaluation of the laboratory tests, physical exams, signs, and symptoms of each patient. We believe in closely monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of each treatment to better control and reduce the risks of complications for endocrine and metabolic conditions. 

Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the production or use of insulin hormone is impaired resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.  The elevated blood sugar levels overtime can result in complications and multi-organ damage.  Diabetes is associated with an increased risk for blindness, renal failure, cardiovascular disease, infections, amputations, and sexual dysfunction. Following the provider recommendations for diabetic care will help in glucose management which will control and lessen the possibility of other complications caused by the disease. 

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Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that produces thyroid hormones which help to regulate the bodies metabolism. Thyroid disorders can range from benign enlargement that does not require treatment to hormonal imbalances that cause metabolic disturbances or even to life-threatening cancers. Proper evaluation and monitoring of the thyroid patient is key to determine the best individualized treatment plan.

Lipid Disorders

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Lipid abnormalities, such as high cholesterol, have been associated with an increased risk for CV disease and strokes.  Your medical provider will discuss treatment options and methods to control lipids to normal levels.

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Metabolic Diseases

Other metabolic diseases we treat include Cushing's syndrome, acromegaly, osteoporosis, adrenal dysfunction, and pituitary adenomas. Your primary care doctor may ask that you consult our medical care providers if you have a metabolic disorder that may require hormonal adjustment or replacement. 

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Clinical Research

We believe that research is key for advances in the medical field. Therefore, we partner up with different laboratories across the states to conduct new studies in our facilities. These studies, provide great opportunities for interested patients to receive additional contact visits with the health care professionals, sponsored medicines at no cost, close monitoring of medical problems and progress and compensation for time and duties.

We are currently enlisting patients interested in participating in clinical research opportunities

Nutrition Facts

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Good nutrition is key to a healthy life. Simple changes to your daily routine  can help improve your overall diet, such as eliminating all sugary drinks and/or taking smaller portions. Small weight loss can improve your blood glucose control and contribute to improvements of overall health and well being. Refer to this web site for some other important tips on how to improve your diet.